My work philosophy

II do believe that great ambitions in Science are always good ingredients for the perfect recipe of an excellent researcher as well as integrity and patient, determination and a high dedication.

I do the best I can to make my lab a productive and friendly environment, and I expect the same from all lab members. We don’t have many rules related to work hours, holidays and so on. I do expect from lab members to work in a very productive way and to treat everyone with respect, to listen to others’ viewpoints and ideas, and to ensure our group is a place where everybody feels welcome and appreciated. I view my relationship with students and postdocs as a partnership. Part of my job is to ensure people in the lab get the best opportunities to advance in their careers in particular in academia.

I personally really appreciate people free of metal barriers including cultural and gender barriers. I love open minded researchers that can genuinely desire to contribute to Science and the Society of the world. I love to contribute to the scientific community with high-quality works, published in high impact factor journals, and I expect people in the lab to share the same desire. 

My responsibilities with lab members:

  • Develop project ideas, including independent projects that can be taken with the postdoc
  • Interpret results
  • Proof-read manuscripts
  • Discuss future career goals and plan ways to facilitate these goals
  • Meet at least weekly to discuss progress & pitfalls
  • Ensure funding
  • Ensure a large network of collaborations of excellence that can help with their future career goals

My expectations for lab members:

  • Prepare for our regular progress/pitfalls meetings and a follow-up email of progress and goals
  • Write and submit manuscripts under my supervision. On average I expect from Ph.D. student two first-author paper and two co-author paper. For post-docs, this expectation can change depending on the expertise and targeted journals
  • Proof-read manuscripts from other lab members
  • Contribute in apply for external funding
  • Maintain a set of lab notes, including directories of data, annotated codes & versions, detailed methods
  • Participate in general lab responsibilities (servers, maintain common areas, taking turns hosting visitors). Participate in talk rehearsals of your colleagues
  • Present new ideas, suggest new potential collaborations, be updated on the literature of the lab and the topics of interest of our group

Being a scientist, in my view, is the best job in the world and I feel very lucky, I hope to share the same feeling with the new generations of scientists.


If you are interested in working in our Lab, please send an email to Lucia Gemma Delogu (luciagemma.delogu@unipd.it) and let her know what type of work you are interested in. Please check our research page. We are seeking highly motivated candidates with a background in biology, ideal candidate should be able to work in team and to move for short research training in leading laboratories abroad (i.e. in USA, Qatar, Germany or China).