The long-term goals of the project “IMmune activity MAPping of CARBO nanomaterials – Carbo-IMmap” involve three major objectives (Research, Training and Collaboration) that will be achieved through multidisciplinary scientific exchange and application of knowledge and expertise.

Research objective: To develop, optimize and apply a functional pipeline based on computational model and high-throughput techniques to describe the immune activity of carbon based nanomaterials (CBMs). The proposed tools will enable new approaches to the development of new CBMs for nanomedicine applications, specifically with respect to characterization of the immunomodulatory intrinsic properties of the materials in relation to the tailoring of their physico-chemical parameters.

Training objective: To provide scientists having specific expertise in molecular nanotechnology, computational modelling, immune cell-biology, genetics and translational medicine with the opportunity to develop and apply a novel qualitative and quantitative approach to assess the impact on immune cells of a wide variety of nanomaterials: graphene oxide, aminated graphene, graphene nanoribbons, exfoliated graphene and carbon nanotube fibers.

Collaborative objective: To establish and support a network of international collaborations of excellence, enabling a collaborative scientific team to effectively use a diversity of approaches to address one of the most important challenge in translating nanotechnology to the everyday medical practice.