Towards MXenes’ biomedical applications by high-dimensional immune MAPping
(Project Number: 101086184)

Innovative biomedical applications of MXenes nanomaterials

MXenes are a new family of recently discovered 2D transition metal carbides, carbonitrides, and nitrides. The immune characterisation of the new materials on the basis of their physical-chemical and immunological properties will open up perspectives for the development of new therapeutic applications of nanomaterials in tissue engineering, cancer therapy, as antibacterial agents, and as immunomodulators. Funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme, the MX-MAP project will develop key strategies for MXene medical applications. The long-term goal of MX-MAP is to create a pipeline using new MXene nanomaterials for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of immunological compatibility in biomedical applications. This international research/training programme aims to support the career development of young researchers with an interdisciplinary vision of science.

Project overview


MX-MAP consortium put together experts in fields of chemistry, material science, nanotechnology, immunology, biology, high-throughput microscopy, photonics and medicine with the aim of overcoming current limitations in a variety of therapeutic approaches, including cancer photothermal therapy (PTT), photodynamic therapy (PDT), targeted drug delivery, regenerative medicine, and antibacterial strategies.

The new international network includes academic and industrial partners from EU MS (Italy, Germany, Latvia, Ireland), associated countries (Turkey, United Kingdom, Serbia, and Ukraine) with the involvement of associate academic partners from Third countries (USA, Canada, and Saudi Arabia) that will enable effective project realization, dissemination, and worldwide exploitation.


The combination of leading researchers and enthusiastic research groups will enable to achieve all project tasks and reach the project aim. Research WPs will be realized via the inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary secondments with the aim of generating new and strengthening existing long-term collaborations. Inter-sectoral secondment will be used to convert innovative project ideas into real products and generation of new jobs in EU.


The main goal MX-MAP:

to facilitate R&I activities with complementary competences of participant organizations for development of new effective biomedical strategies using innovative biocompatible MXenes.

YUCOMAT international conference 2023, Montenegro: a section dedicated to MX-MAP!