Two-dimensional (2D) transition metal carbides/carbonitrides (MXenes), discovered by the outgoing phase Supervisor, Prof. Yury Gogotsi, at Drexel University (USA), have stepped into the limelight of 2D materials (2DMs). Within the SEE project, the Fellow, Dr. Laura Fusco, will learn to produce and characterize MXenes from the most recognized leader in the field. SEE will provide a thorough evaluation of the skin impact and possible immunomodulation of a wide variety of MXenes.
No study has investigated at the same time and on a large scale these key aspects for MXene safety and effective use as bioelectronics or biomedical tools applied to the skin. The outstanding peculiar scientific expertise of the Fellow, relying on the characterization of 2DM effects at the skin level depending on their physicochemical properties, will be essential to achieve the project goals. The European Fellow Supervisor, Prof. Lucia G. Delogu, influential scientist in the field of nano-immunology, will contribute to the Fellow training by employing the most cutting edge high-dimensional technologies at the single-cell level.
Within SEE, the Fellow will introduce her own novel concept of “Nano-SkinImmunity-by-design”, where the analysis of the cutaneous effects when designing MXenes (and 2DMs) will not only be relevant for their safety but will also turn them into active tools for cutaneous applications endowed of immune properties, tailorable adjusting their physicochemical profile. By exploring these crucial aspects, SEE aims at incising the strategic field of MXenes and 2DMs as well as their role in biomedicine and nanotechnology at the European level and beyond.